Quotes by Marshall Glasier

Here is excellent advice for artists of all kinds from a master of drawing, which only needs a little "translating" depending on one's particular field (bearing in mind that Living is Art too !:

How is a class today, different from the past?

Today we have a greater fund of knowledge. We do not shudder before the old master's drawings. We use them as refernce material to enrich our own ideas of beauty.

When does the break-through in modern art occur? This is the point when you chance all. It will come from a steady, growing accumulated effort. When you are ready, take the leap. Do not try to create before you have learned how to draw.

Keep the hawk's eye view ! Do not draw too close to your paper. Stand back. Get the sense of what goes on.

The art is in the model...

Sing if you can. Try to enoble the figure. Lift it from reality. Give it the life giving line. A good drawing looks easy. The hard work never shows. It should look as if it were done at once. It has perfection to which nothing can be added nor taken away.

Count on accumulated effort. From one drawing to the next, you get back to where you left off. When you feel ill, or grow bored, do not gove up. The time has arrived when you are learning. Stick it out. When the mood passes, you usually come up with surprises. Work your way out of the voids, sterilities. Sometimes you lise contact and go back two steps to gain one.

...Do not lose...that part of you, which is a child (the curious quest for discovery in a world of wonder) Remember, every artist lives every artit's life, only in his own way.

Once you learn how to draw, no one can take it from you. You can invent and make your own discoveries, but you will sense when you make a good line, for you will feel right. You will work towards a work of art, and know when you have achieved that for which you have set out. Everyone lives to surpass himself.

-- Marshall Glasier

These words speak for themselves !