The Founders play two gigs in October: the 19th at the Met in Pawtucket and the 30th at the Knickerbocker in Westerly.

For the remainder of October, November and early December, Al will otherwise be at the Steinway B in the Ocean House Fridays and Saturdays

There is a new venue for Al in Thompson, CT (up in the “Quiet Corner”) at an excellent, comfortable and beautifully situated restaurant called Anya on Sundays in October. Al plays 3-7 PM on October 13, 20 and 27th. See Here for more information.

NB: We have set the Schedule page to List View, because there is a glitch with the Calendar View, Our apologies to friends in Europe ! Squarespace is working on repairing this glitch. These are all contracted dates. Occasionally there are unexpected changes to this list, but if you'd like any more info directly from us, please contact us. After all, you make the gig ! If you have a date you'd like to book, please contact us as well in that case -- maybe we can rearrange the book to accommodate you.

The banner photo is from JazzAscona, taken by the marvelously talented jazz photographer Alessio Pizzicannella. (See here for the photo.)

All Al Copley CDs are on sale at concerts, and here to listen to and to purchase.

(See Schedule for all dates and info.)


Here is a link to a video of Al at the 1997 Montreux Jazz Festival, opening for Eric Clapton. Click here (clip starts after advertisement but the ad only comes the first play.)

Yet another video surfaces, this one from the 1994 Saint Chaumond Blues Festival, this is the opener of a concert with Ana Popovic and Joe Louis Walker.  Click here ...Right before is a BB King Jam from the 1997 Montreux Jazz Festival for your enjoyment.

Here’s a short wild Instagram dlip from the Ocean Houae:


The category is a Grand Canyon of echoes. Somebody utters an obscenity and you hear it keep bouncing back a million times. Categories are sometimes used by a person who feels that the one he's talking to doesn't know enough about the language in which he speaks. So he uses lines, circles, and pigeonholes to help the less literate one to a better understanding.

-- Duke Ellington, "Music is my Mistress." p. 38


Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

-- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart